To offer exceptional service at affordable prices

Iceland Go Tours is a family owned business. We specialize in high-end travel in Iceland on affordable prices. We travel in small groups and our goal is to provide the best personal service so your holiday in Iceland will be as good as possible. We like to go off the beaten track and do our best to stay away from the big crowds. Our guides are mostly family members and very close friends who all have grown up in Iceland and know the country in and out.

Before traveling to Iceland it is necessary to plan the days you will spend. We think the best way to discover Iceland is in a private tour. When you hear people talking about private tours it sounds like something very expensive and fancy. The truth is that if you are in a group of 4-6 people, a private tour can end up saving you money and make your experience a lot better. Not to mention that on a private tour everything is more flexible and the trip is tailored after your needs.


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Our 4X4 SUV and
4X4 Super jeeps

One of the most exciting ways to explore Iceland’s off-road trails is in a super jeep capable of navigating the steepest and rockiest of terrains, glaciers, deserts or beaches. You can cross big rivers and wind up narrow mountain roads to reach remote natural sites of astonishing beauty that only the most powerful of vehicles can safely enter. Our Jeeps are equipped for all road and weather conditions and are not just huge in size, they are luxury cars as well.

Can’t find a tour you like?

Contact us and we will send you suggestions for a 2 to 8 day Iceland itinerary.
A tailor made tour makes everything more flexible and comfortable. Choose any of the standard day tours or tell us what you'd like to experience and we will make it happen. Let us help you create an outstanding holiday experience in Iceland.

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