Private tours

Iceland private tours is a great way to experience the best Iceland has to offer. You enjoy the comfort of private vehicle and experienced personal guide. We offer standard private tours and your tailor made tour dream tour that takes you to all the places you want experience.

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West Iceland & Ice Cave Private Tour

An amazing day of everchanging landscapes as you head west to explore the famous man-made ice cave. We let the weather decide our route, as we jeep through the beautiful scenery of the West, including glacial valleys and waterfalls, before heading for Iceland’s most treasured site: Þingvellir National Park.

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South Coast Iceland private tour

This tour takes you along the south coast of Iceland, beside the dramatic landscape of Eyjafjöll mountains. It was here that the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in 2010, spreading dramatic clouds of ash.

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Classic Iceland Golden Circle private tour

The Golden Circle jeep tour is Iceland’s most popular tourist route. Although, if you observe the route from above, on a map, it does not look like a circle. It looks like a young child’s attempt at a circle. But that is beside the point. It may not be the perfect circle, but it is the perfect tourist route.

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Thorsmork Iceland Private Jeep Tour

Þórsmörk is a magical nature reserve set between three glaciers. The walley, wich takes it´s name from the Norse god Thor, is rich with geological wonders. With its many hiking trails, this is truly a hiker´s paradise.

Private tours, Private Tours

The Northern Lights of Iceland jeep tour

We recommend too book your northern lights tour in Iceland, on your first day possible. It allows us to pick the best day during your stay in Iceland. In our tours we like to have small groups and go off the beaten track.

Private tours by jeep

One of the best and most exciting ways to experience Iceland is travel the off-road trails is in a super jeep capable of navigating the steepest and rockiest of terrains, glaciers, deserts or beaches. You can cross big rivers and wind up narrow mountain roads to reach remote natural sites of astonishing beauty that only the most powerful of vehicles can safely enter. Our Jeeps are equipped for all road and weather conditions and are not just huge in size, they are luxury cars as well.