Tailor made private tours Iceland

Book a Tailor Made Private Tour, with a local, expert guide. We make sure that the tour is tailored to your needs and you will have all the luxury of a private tour. 

If you are asking yourself what is a tailor made private tour?
why is a private tour in Iceland the best option for your holiday in Iceland for friends or family?

To make things simple. Private tour simply means that your group are the only one on the tour. Your group is not sharing the vehicle with anyone else.

What to expect on a Tailor Made Private tour in Iceland?

If you are reading this then you are most likely travelling to Iceland for a few days and you want to see and do as much as possible for your family without rushing between places. Then a private tour is the best option. You simply tell us what you want to do how many days you have and if there are any special interests and we plan your Iceland Vacation after your needs.

We know that each group is different, some have young children others are seeking more extreme activities and some groups prefer to take it easy and still be able to see as much of Iceland as they can. Usually people have an idea what they want to do in Iceland but don´t know how or when is the best time to do the trip or if it is even possible at all that time of the year. Planning a trip to Iceland or just any country at all is a lot of work and many hours are spent in planning and finding the right activities, accommodation where to go and what to do. A holiday in Iceland will never be cheap so it makes sense that every day is planned before you arrive.

Tailor made tours Iceland

When is the best time to start planning a trip to Iceland.

Well if you are planning for summer time May 15th – September 15th then the best time to start planning was yesterday. It can be difficult to get a hotel room in the summer with a short notice, short being 2 months. If you have made up your mind and are on your way with a group/family then feel free to send us a line and we will help you with the planning.

How can we help plan your trip to Iceland.

When we help you plan your holiday then we plan it from landing to departure. We suggest where to go and what to do. From the typical Golden circle tour to extra activities like Caving, snorkeling, glacier hiking etc. We can book all your activities and accommodations, suggest restaurants, activities in the city or whatever you need us to do. Below are some suggestions for Itineraries for summer and winter Price and availability depends on time of year. For a quote on any of these tours please fill out the form and send us a line.

Here are a few ideas of our most common tailor made tours in Iceland, but please feel to contact us and together we will figure out what fits best for your group. To get a PDF document with further information please send us an email.

2 days 1 night south east Iceland 

3 days best of south Iceland 

4 day Iceland itinerary Summer

5 day Iceland itinerary Summer / winter

Ring road Iceland itinerary 8 days 7 nights

Ring road Iceland 10 days 


Tour Highlights
  • Tailor made tours in Iceland
  • Private tour by SUV vehicles
  • Choose what do do and what to see
  • All the best Iceland has to offer
Tour Details
  • Duration: As long as you like
  • Pick-up:
  • Available: All year
  • Min person: 1
  • Max person: 7 pr. vehicle
  • Hotel pickup included

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